Thursday, December 18, 2014

Film's Era of Everything

The era of cinema today is what I see as a collage of many era's together with very similar values to the early age of cinema, the hollywood studio years, the hollywood renascence, and the return to the myth. The evolution of these times and cinema they've brought juxtaposes the many sides of cinema we see in the modern day.

The structure of the business, is a varied aspect of the modern age  of cinema. The business structure exists on multiple levels. There is your mega-corporations that essentially own every major studio. These corporations include disney, time warner, and CBS. These companies compensate for the hollywood-large budgeted films of the modern day. on the other side of things there is smaller privately owned studios that produce independent films. Some of these films, if successful, will be bought by one of the major studios. Thus, the business exists of different levels but is fluent. For the studios, no matter what, its all about getting the largest budget for their next film. That's essentially it.

Film technology has been able to advance consistently over the years. Though filmmaking and film technique stay relatively the same, technology advance makes new worlds for films to take place in. The digital era has begun and shooting on film will likely die out. Despite the advance in camera's and computer technology, the internet has been the largest advance in technology for film in this era. The internet has created the ability to bring all aspects of film and filmmaking together. From the beginnings of film to the present. From the first film tests to online tutorials for the RED Scarlet. The internet has and continues to change the game for film in this era.

Cultural values in modern film have become the most mixed and varied aspect of the business. It is very alike the modern american culture we have today which is extremely varied and constantly changing. Film's wide range of topics, concept, and culture allows film to be varied today, so there is something for everybody. This id again due to the internet in most ways.  

Film's evolution to where it is today shows many aspects of film all the way up to its early ages but is still incredibly different from any era we have seen before. 

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